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No matter the desire or burden that has brought you to this site, God knows all about your situation.

He loves you and He cares. Knowing this is the first step to finding true Peace With God.

Whether young or old, rich or poor, male or female, each of us hunger for “Hope.” It is required for the heart to survive. The word “Hope” is mentioned no less than 130 times in the Bible and it becomes a very real and tangible thing only when we seek for it at the foot of the Cross, for there it is found in great abundance.
To have true Hope means to have Christ living in your heart. Unless we take that step of embracing the Hope of God then Hope remains an ever elusive thing for the simple reason that Hope does not exist outside of or apart from God. It cannot be found beyond the boundaries of the Cross. It is imperative we fully understand that genuine Hope is not a theory or speculation, nor is it a philosophy of life. The truth is that there is no thing, intellectual ideology, institution, program, or pill that can give a person hope. Hope is a living presence within us - God’s presence.


The good news is that no matter who you are this great Hope of Christ can be your Hope too. Many ask “but how can I get that Hope?” Christ has made it very simple. Jesus said “I am the door, if any man enters in by Me, he shall be saved” (John 10:9). What this means is that first you must take the step of repentance. That word repent means to “change.” It means to go in a completely new direction. It means that you say to Christ “I am a sinner. I confess my sins, I repent of my sins, and I ask Your forgiveness of my sins.” It means that you invite Christ into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior and give Him complete control over all areas of your life.


Skin color, nationality, age, rich or poor, none of those things differentiate mankind as it regards the Inner peace, spiritual comfort, and eternal happiness that every human heart the world over seeks after. The Bible tells us plainly that if we are without Christ then we are without Hope. Why? Because Christ is the foundation of ALL Hope. He IS Hope! The answer to all of our worries and cares is summed up simply and yet so very beautifully by the Psalmist who said -  “Hope thou in God.” What about you? Do you have the hope of Christ living deep within your heart? You can. And He will take you just as you are.

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