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No matter the desire or burden that has brought you to this site, God knows all about your situation. He loves you and He cares. Knowing this is the first step to finding true Peace With God.

Welcome to the official website of Mark Shutts Ministries / Hope For A Hurting World.


Each day, millions the world over turn to the internet for answers to their spiritual questions. It has far surpassed the days when men and women of my generation would take their spiritual questions and concerns to a local pastor. Nevertheless these people are all looking for truth. They are looking for something to fill the emptiness within their heart. They are searching for answers to questions like: “Am I really loved?…Is there hope for me?…What is my purpose in life?…How can I know for certain that I am truly saved?” The Bible has the answer to these questions and many other very real concerns weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of many. 



We do not offer “members only” areas (the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Free to One and All).
We do not offer “become a partner” incentives. 
We do not offer “tips and advice” on how to “super-naturally fix your money problems.”
We do not blaspheme God’s Word by encouraging you to “plant a faith seed” to receive all the worldly desires of your heart.



We offer the Good News of the forgiveness of sin with the reality of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ and He Alone.


As an ordinary country boy from the hills of Ohio, evangelist Mark Shutts says, “I cannot personally help people in their time of need, but I can introduce them to the One Who can. Fill our church pulpits with preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God and it will shake the very gates of hell off their hinges! Weak, watered down, spineless, politically correct preaching will never be part of this ministry. “As we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which tries our hearts“

(1 Thessalonians 2:4).


We Need To

When I was growing up, the face of Christianity was completely different than that which we see today. It was much more genuine, much more real, certainly much more sincere and much more ACTIVE.

The years in which I grew up as the son of a preacher were such that throughout those years I consistently saw churches ablaze with passion and compassion. At its center were pulpits that were on fire for God because the men behind them were filled with the presence of 

God, the anointing of God, the power of God, and the righteousness of God. In stark contrast to those days of blazing holy ghost filled pulpits, what we have today in 2024 are mere embers, just a few dusty cinders, and scarcely few crackles or snaps of those once fire-engulfed logs of ardor diligence, earnestness, and an insatiable appetite for knowing God and making Him known. Today we have little more than a single spark flittering on the ashen remains of what 'use to be.' Does this surprise me? Not at all, but it does devastate me. In fact no one should be surprised because the fact is that the church has been actively seeking after that which it has become, and that descent into unholiness began the very moment when the church stopped looking for the approval of God and instead began seeking the approval of man, and the church continues on that ungodly path in 2024 at an ever-increasing pace.

Today, in 2024, outright open sin has been effortlessly integrated into and even eagerly welcomed by the church, and we are actually quite PROUD of that fact. We “proudly” ordain and appoint openly avowed gays and lesbians behind our pulpits as “anointed preachers of the gospel.” With pride and in self-congratulatory fashion we “proudly” preside over marriages of same-sex couples. From head to toe we gush with pride in wearing the suit of political correctness. We “proudly” support pro-choice. We “proudly” acquiesce to the worlds demands for entertainment in the church instead of delivering an unsullied Gospel that will bring a person to their knees in genuine repentance. And we do it all while massaging egos rather than abiding by and boldly adhering to Gods commands and His demands of righteousness. What we have today ladies and gentlemen is little more than a pile of ash being stirred by a continuous breeze of apathy.

The church in 2024 has become overtly accommodating to sin. Oh certainly we “self-identify” as an institution of "holiness” but in reality what we have become is an institution of compromise. For the sake of applause our pulpits make it a point to carefully navigate “around” the Cross and "around" God’s holy standards and in so doing we are effectively setting an unholy example for the world to follow. The church today is effectively leading people in the opposite direction of the Cross and instead leading them to hell. The church is very quick in its willingness to compromise because it does not want to 'make waves.' We don’t want to do anything to rock the boat and so we just go with the flow. The church in 2024 has "cried uncle" to satan, making itself over into an acquiescing entity that timidly approaches the world not with the truth of God's Word but rather with reverence to the world and its pernicious ways, and it does it all for the sake of “fitting in.” Whether one chooses to accept it or not makes no difference because the truth remains that this is in fact the attitude and on-going path of the modern-day church, and it is an abomination to Almighty God.

Once upon a time hungry souls gathered near the warmth and genuineness of the Church. It was a warmth fueled by an “active” attitude of “love thy neighbor” (Mark 12:31) which attitude was built on a foundation of unwavering fervor and zeal. The Church then was an inferno of divine devotion to God. It knew nothing other than conducting itself as a “good Samaritan” (Luke 10:33) whose interested lay solely in the salvation of men's souls and in the process setting a Godly example for the world to follow. Today the church has become an altogether different entity having allowed the wrecking ball of lethargy apathy and inactivity to leave it in a dismantled spiritual coma.

As stated previously, in my youth, literally "growing up" in the church as the son of a preacher, I witnessed the fire of the Holy Spirit burning brightly in churches. I was witness over and over again to its never-failing power (the power of Christ and His Atoning Blood) to touch hearts, chase away the darkness, and completely change countless lives.

By now many of you are likely asking, “those are nice words Mark, but what’s your point?” My point is simply this: We MUST (not 'should,' because it is NOT an option) but we absolutely MUST re-ignite this blaze of Glory into our pulpits and the men who stand behind them in such a manner and to such a degree that it shakes the very gates of hell off their hinges, and the only way to accomplish that is by way of the Cross in the Person of Jesus Christ and through an unwavering devotion to Him and His righteous precepts. Because it is in great anguish and with great groanings of desperation that today's world cries out for a

re-kindling of that fire.

-Mark Shutts


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