No matter the desire or burden that has brought you to this site, God knows all about your situation.

He loves you and He cares. Knowing this is the first step to finding true Peace With God.

The “Oasis of the Seas.” One of the most massive and luxurious cruise ships ever built. Five times larger than the Titanic it has room for more than 6,360 passengers. It boasts twenty-one swimming pools and even its own version of New York's Central Park with 12,175 plants, 62 vine plants and 56 trees. It has a 750 seat arena, more than twenty restaurants, a hand carved carousel covered in 130 square feet of real gold leaf gilding, its own zip line, jewelry stores, designer boutiques, 41 elevators, its own jogging track and much much more. It cost 1.5 billion to construct. It is an amazing ship to be sure.


And then of course there was Solomon’s Temple. The most beautiful city ever built. Just how magnificent was it? Well, to give you some idea let’s look at what it would cost in today’s money to build that same city. The gold, silver and brass used in its construction would cost more than 34 trillion dollars. The jewels would at least equal that amount for another 34 trillion dollars. The vessels of silver and gold would cost more than 5 trillion dollars. This does not include the costs of the silk and purple vestments or the trumpets and other musical instruments. The cost in labor, which included nearly 100,000 men, would amount to more than 13 billion dollars. The total cost of Solomon’s Temple would build more than 54,000 Oasis of the Seas cruise ships just previously mentioned. Yet the Bible tells us "Now unto Him Who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them who love Him. (Ephesians 3:20 & 1 Corinthians 2:9) My Point?.....HOW BEAUTIFUL HEAVEN MUST BE!!!


God bless you,
Mark Shutts



Christians do not realize that one thing the coronavirus has brought with it is the worlds very bright spotlight upon the Church. Brighter than it has ever been before. How are Christians reacting? Are they panicking? Are they helping their fellow-man, or, are they trampling on them in a race with the rest of the world to procure for themselves those things that serve the flesh but do nothing in the way of sustenance for the soul? As Christians we preach to the world “stand firm in all things by faith, stand firm in tribulations and hard times, stand firm even in the face of death.” Yet for many Christians when they are confronted with a crisis, faith quickly walks out the door and worry steps right in. Some will say “I don’t agree with you Mark. We should be concerned about this.” Actually I am in 100% agreement with that sentiment. However, there is a big BIG difference between “concern” and “worry.” Concern is when you understand that there is a problem and you care about the problem with calmness and level-headedness. You remain mature and relaxed about the situation with a healthy mindset that is generally focused on other people. "Worry", on the other hand, constantly drains us of the energy that God gives us to face problems and therefore worry is a sinful waste of time. The beginning of worry is the end of faith whereas the beginning of true faith is the end of all worry. Worry is constant negative thoughts and emotions that repeat day after day. Worry is a response to a challenge by an individual with inadequate skills to deal with it. Inadequate skills because they have tossed faith out the window and replaced it with “Worry.” The word “worry” is a verb of which the original Old English definition is to “strangle”. That’s right. We strangle ourselves when we worry because we have disconnected ourselves from faith which then leaves us completely open and vulnerable to satan, and you can be certain it is an opportunity of which he takes full advantage, and he does so by leading us to torment ourselves with disturbing and destructive repetitive thoughts of anxiety and distress that completely rob us of all peace of mind. So, if you are concerned about the coronavirus, good, because I am too. But if you are worried, daily checking numerous times the statistics on number of cases reported, how fully stocked the store shelves are with toilet paper, and centering all of your daily activities on the latest virus updates then, like it or not, you are worrying rather than being concerned. Ask God to give you His Peace not only in this but in all areas of your life and you will find that as the rest of the world sits in chaos, you rest in perfect peace and assurance in the loving arms of God.


In Christ Jesus,
Mark Shutts



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