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No matter the desire or burden that has brought you to this site, God knows all about your situation.

He loves you and He cares. Knowing this is the first step to finding true Peace With God.

Welcome to the official website of Evangelist Mark Shutts. Each day, millions the world over turn to the internet for answers to their spiritual questions. It has far surpassed the days when men and women of my generation would take their spiritual questions and concerns to a local pastor. Nevertheless these people are all looking for truth. They are looking for something to fill the emptiness within their heart. They are searching for answers to questions like: “Am I really loved?…Is there hope for me?…What is my purpose in life?…How can I know for certain that I am truly saved?” Evangelist Mark Shutts provides straightforward genuine Biblical direction from God’s Word that addresses these and many other very real concerns weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of many. 




We do not offer “members only” areas (the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Free to One and All).
We do not offer “become a partner” incentives. 
We do not offer “tips and advice” on how to “super-naturally fix your money problems.”
We do not blaspheme God’s Word by encouraging you to “plant a faith seed” to receive all the worldly desires of your heart.




We offer the Good News of the forgiveness of sin with the reality of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ and He Alone.


As an ordinary country boy from the hills of Ohio, evangelist Mark Shutts is proof positive that God can take the most insignificant and sinful of men and completely change them, cleanse them, and make them over into a new creation. Evangelist Mark Shutts says, “I cannot personally help people in their time of need, but I can introduce them to the One Who can.”


Mark Shutts continues, saying, “I am going to give you a truth of which I am absolutely certain, and it is this: As it regards every preacher behind every pulpit (myself included), his message will be equal to the measure of those things that he holds within his heart. In other words, if a preachers message consists of “self-help” then that’s where his trust is – in “self.” If he preaches messages that focus on “wealth” and “money” then that’s where his heart is – in “things.” But fill our church pulpits with preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God and it will shake the very gates of hell off their hinges! Thus any preaching or teaching that is not in perfect alignment and harmony with the Word of God should be detested and such preachers effectively and expediently removed from their pulpit.”



Do not ever just simply take what I preach/teach with a grain of salt, but rather study the Bible for yourself to make certain my words are based entirely on sound Biblical doctrine. Weak, watered down, spineless, politically correct preaching will never be part of this ministry. “As we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which tries our hearts“ (1 Thessalonians 2:4).


The older a person grows the less likely it is that they will ever repent and turn to Christ. Scripture teaches that the seeds for the need of repentance are typically sown in youth and it urges us to come to Christ while we are young. “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them;” (Ecclesiastes 12:1). This says that we should acknowledge and address our sinful state while we are young. It is in the time of our youth that we should repent, seek forgiveness, and seek Gods constant direction for all the years that lie ahead of us. It is when we are young that we should first recognize and accept our duties and responsibilities as a Christian and then set about doing them. It is in our youth that we should seek His grace and strength to see us through each new day. It is a painful thing when one has grown old to look back on a misspent life, not having given up sin and worldly vanities. God is provoked by how many sin away their youth and flatter themselves that they will seek God when their youth is past and after they have given the greatest part of their lives to sin and satan. Therein lies the reason for the urgency of making that humble and contrite walk of repentance to the Cross while we are young. It is while we are young that we should develop a sound mind and learn to be strong in Christ. It is when we are young that we should enter in at the strait gate of true conversion. Few homes there are today that work to instill these things in the lives of their children. Such dismal and deliberate failure comes with a very high price tag. If we do not teach our children how to live a Godly life you can be sure that the world will teach them how not to. It is because of homes with tightly closed Bibles and loose ethics that many a child has grown from the milk bottle to the whiskey bottle - from the baby aspirin to the cocaine - from the high chair to the electric chair. “Train up a child in the way he should go (the Bible says) and when he is old he will not depart from it.” And so it is that Christ urges us to make our heart His dwelling place while we are young. But whether we be young, middle-aged, or older than dirt, God welcomes one and all upon genuine repentance, with open arms. Why not make your decision for Christ today? You may never have another opportunity like the one you have right now.

-Mark Shutts


When Jesus was at Capernaum and everyone learned that He was staying in Peter’s house, people immediately came in such large numbers that there was no room for them. And what was the first thing that Jesus did? He PREACHED the Word unto them” (Mark 2:2). With Jesus, preaching ALWAYS came first. Jesus said, “I must PREACH the Kingdom of God..and He PREACHED in the Synagogues of Galilee” (Luke 4: 43&44). Jesus said “repentance and remission of sins should be PREACHED in His Name among all nations” (Luke 24:47). In His Great Commission to the disciples, before He was received up into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God, Jesus Christ said unto them “Go ye into all the world, and PREACH the Gospel....and they went forth, and PREACHED Everywhere” (Mark 16: 15, 19&20). Any person (and that includes you) can do great things for the Lord if you will but let the Holy Spirit work in you and through you. You do not need to preach from behind a pulpit. You can preach by example, by witnessing to your neighbors your co-workers and friends. You can preach by helping the less fortunate, by comforting the down-trodden, by lending a hand to a stranger. Bear the fruits of one who has been redeemed and washed in the Precious Atoning Blood of The Lamb by reading the Bible to the blind. Preach with your hands by holding the door open for others or by helping the elderly lady load her groceries in her car. Preach by holding the hand of the lonely and heart-broken and by sharing the hope of Christ with the hopeless, because only the Son of God can supply that Hope. Preach with your words of love and kindness. Preach by praying for others. Preach by encouraging your fellow-Christians. Preach by simply being there for the man or woman who has lost a spouse or a child. Preach by rejoicing with one who has been healed. Preach by shouting for joy over one who has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Preach with your singing and music talent. Preach with your literary skills. Preach with your attitude. Preach with your patience, your smile, and your character. - There are countless ways in which we as Christians can…..PREACH!

-Mark Shutts


The flames in the hearth of the Church burn solely with apathy as we toss on log after log of dispassion, insouciance, stoicism, and indifference. Undeviatingly echoing throughout the church and the whole of the Christian community is the self-defeating sound of a snoring sleeping church - a comatose Christendom. Not surprisingly the secular world is taking full advantage of that sound, recognizing it as a widely opened and unguarded door. You simply cannot blame the devil and his followers for taking advantage of such a golden opportunity. After all, that is what they do. Rather the blame should be laid precisely where it belongs, on the shoulders of the Christian community. “How so” you ask? Well, the very fact that an estimated 40 to 50 million Christians ‘opted out’ of voting in the Presidential election, and an additional 15 million Christians did not even register to vote is all that need be said to illustrate the absolutely dismal state of Christendom. We Just Don’t Care! I hear some of you saying “it’s not that simple.” Actually, yes, it really is that simple, so please do not attempt to ‘pass the buck.’ Do not complicate or muddy the truth with feeble-minded “excuses” because it just won’t work. The Christian community MUST take responsibility for its “inaction.”

It is completely inappropriate and highly hypocritical of the church, and the Christian community as a whole, to bewail and bemoan the fact of so many victories being won by the forces of evil by asking the question “why is God allowing this to happen?” The question should really be "why are CHRISTIANS allowing this to happen?” God has provided us more than ample opportunity but in the midst of those many opportunities we have always chosen instead to slumber. The real truth of it all, like it or not, is that Christians have become more than content with doing absolutely nothing (and doing it very well) and yet complaining about absolutely everything. Maybe God has finally said “Enough…..No More!” YES, God’s patience does indeed have a limit. A fact clearly demonstrated time and again throughout the Bible. The Christian community boasts a kinship with God but our apathy is actually a public affirmation of our complete denial of Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate (Titus 1:16). And the reality is - LIGHT REJECTED IS LIGHT WITHDRAWN!

Ladies and gentlemen, I simply must be forthright and as candid as possible in telling you that it is situations such as this in which the sickening indifference, lethargy, emotionless, unconcerned passivity of Christians brings tremendous discouragement and deep disappointment to preachers such as myself as we witness the unresponsiveness, the willful detachment from God, and the complete disregard by Christians of fulfilling their duly appointed responsibilities as the children of the Most High God. For me personally it makes me throw up my hands in overwhelming frustration and complete disenchantment with the Christian community which has very foolishly settled into a comfort zone of unprecedented slothfulness. We have convinced ourselves that we don’t have to actually get involved, that we don’t have to actually do anything or keep our word to God. Now we are paying the price! We have become completely content in having appointed ourselves as overseers of God. We have been sitting on our lazy backsides with nary an effort put forth to demonstrate that we even really care. The only exercise that the Church and Christians get anymore is by waving our fingers at God and saying, “Take care of that, would you?” God is not our butler but we have reduced Him to such, and by all appearance God has decided, (and rightfully so), that clemency shall not be reinstated. I sometimes wonder if God regrets having promised to never again destroy the world by flood. The temptation must be great, and yes, it would be completely justified.

-Mark Shutts



Heartbreaking are the moments when I hear from someone who tells me that they feel completely worthless. There are countless people in today’s society (young people in particular) who have been so derided, belittled, sneered at and written off by others as a lost cause that they end up convincing themselves that they actually are beyond being loved and that they are “too bad” for anyone to ever truly care about. If this is something that sounds familiar to you then I want you to please listen very carefully to me and what I am about to tell you;

In God’s eyes you are very important indeed. No matter what anyone else may say, God sees you as being so important to Him and so deep is His love for you that He actually openly, publicly expressed His love. How did He do that? He wrote it out for all the world to see by using the Blood of His One and Only Begotten Son as the ink and a wooden Cross as parchment. You see, Christ’s greatest desire (because He  

you so much) is to spend all of eternity with you. He wants that so much in fact that He willingly gave His life on the Cross as payment for the penalty of your sins and mine, thereby making it possible for us to live with Him forever. Now I ask you, What greater and more powerful demonstration than this could there possibly be that you are in fact loved more than you can ever know? Jesus came all the way from Heaven into a world which would persecute, belittle and sneer at Him beyond anything you or I can ever imagine, and He did it all for one reason - YOU! He did it to redeem us and purchase our salvation thereby giving us an eternal home with Him in Heaven. The rest is up to you. All you need to do is go to God in prayer, admit that you are a sinner, genuinely repent of your sins, ask His forgiveness, ask Him to come and live in your heart, and faithfully follow Him all the days of your life. You will never have a better or closer friend than Jesus Christ. You will never know a deeper and unbroken love than His love for you. You will never know a greater joy and happiness than what you will find in knowing Him, walking with Him, and living for Him. Worthless and unwanted? Hardly. That Blood-Stained Cross shouts just the opposite.

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