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Mark co-pastored with his father (Harold Shutts) for a short time who was also a preacher/evangelist for 40+ years. The MSM {Mark Shutts Ministries} radio broadcast, "Hope For A Hurting World," has been the staple outreach of the ministry since 1984. The program has been broadcast throughout South America including Trinidad, Tobago, as well as the states including Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Mark is also the author of  "Walking To Jesus."



Q & A:


Q: Tell us a little bit about the man, Mark Shutts.


A: I am the chief of sinners and the least among men. Yet due to God’s incredible grace and mercy, I am the unworthy recipient of two marvelous promises come to fruition (forgiveness of my sins and the assurance of eternal life in Heaven) all because of the selfless act of His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ, carried out through His accomplished work upon the Cross. Every day I fail Him in some way. I am a continuing work in progress. I am the quintessential example of how God can take the absolute worst and completely change and transform it into something brand new. If an altogether hopeless, helpless, sinful being such as I can be so completely made anew by the cleansing, Atoning Blood of Jesus Christ then so can anyone who is willing to place him or her self completely in God’s Hands.


Q: What was your childhood like?


A: Well, my dad was a preacher and I am, as you can see, quite an ordinary non-descript country boy who grew up near the Ohio river.


Q: When did you begin preaching?


A: Well, though I don’t really remember it, I am told that when I was around six years old I would stand on a chair and preach to my family.


Q: Do you remember delivering your first public sermon?


A: Oh yes. Vividly. I was 24 years old and shaking so badly that I was certain the entire church building was going to collapse from the vibrations. Nevertheless, my great joy in life is telling others about Christ and how He can completely change their lives. For me there is no greater joy in all the world than that of seeing an individual giving the whole of their heart and life over into the loving hands of God. As long as the Good Lord has use for an ordinary man such as myself I will continue to share the Gospel of Christ.


Q: Do you have any hidden talents that you could share with us?


A: (laughs) No.

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