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First and foremost we are to love God with all of our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind, and with all our strength; this is the first commandment (Mark 12:30). Next we are to love one another as Christ loves us (John 13:34). This means that our love for each other must be constant, sacrificial and unconditional (1 John 3:16.17).


Also included among our duties is this: We are to Stand Firm “IN” God and “FOR” God, immoveable, no matter how the world may come against us and persecute us. We are to fan the wind of God’s Love into the lives of others by becoming active duty soldiers in the army of God. How can we do this? Actually, there are many ways. We can pick up the telephone and call an unsaved friend or loved one and let them know how much God loves them. When we are in the back yard talking with our neighbor over the fence we can let the discussion lead us to finding out whether or not he or she is a Christian. If they are not then share Christ with them and show them how they can invite Jesus into their heart. Your health club, your neighborhood, your dentist, your doctor, your bowling team, your golfing buddies, these and many others are all fields of opportunity for us to advance the Kingdom of God. With every opportunity given to us we must “cease not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.”(Acts 5:42).


Additional duties include glorifying and honoring God with every word that crosses our lips. We are to glorify Him with our actions. We are to put Him First in everything - always! We are to be ever thankful for His constant blessings. We are to Obey Him to the letter. We are to Trust Him in all things and Him Alone and we are to always be Humble.

Being a Christian comes with great responsibilities. Through daily prayer and simple conversation with Him we are assured that Christ will lead us and strengthen us in fulfilling those responsibilities and duties, and we must do it all with a joyful heart and an attitude that mirrors that of Christ Himself.


God bless you,
Mark Shutts

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