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I always lived for my own personal desires no matter what it involved. Then I began seeing all kinds of signs that Jesus was trying to get my attention. I have since given my life to Christ but every now and then I have doubts. Why is this?


Your e-mail brought tremendous joy to my heart. I am so happy that you now know Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. The Bible tells us that there is great rejoicing in Heaven when a person comes to Christ. 


The signs you spoke of that were telling you Christianity was where you needed to be was Jesus Christ Himself calling to you, telling you He loves you and that He wants to be right at your side at all times and involved in every aspect of your life. Since you have accepted His invitation you can rejoice that your name is now written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life. You can rejoice that you will live forever in the presence of Jesus Christ. The “doubt” you mentioned that hits you from time to time is satan trying to come against you and discourage you. He does not want you, or anyone else, to live for Jesus. But if you will just keep your eyes on Christ and call upon Him for strength when doubts arise, you can be confident in the knowledge that He will always be there for you every moment of your life. He will never leave your side. It is wonderful that you are passionate about Jesus and your relationship with Him. Jesus is so passionate about you and loves you so much that He came all the way from the glory of His throne in Heaven down to earth, and He did it willingly, all for the sole purpose of giving His life upon the Cross as payment in full for your sins and my sins so that we can live with Him forever. So great is Jesus' love for you that He would still have endured all of that tremendous agony and suffering upon the Cross even if you were the only person on the face of the earth. Jesus loves you that much. He came down to earth from Heaven to pay a debt that He did not owe because we owed a debt that we could not pay. Only through His sacrificial death upon the Cross can we find and experience everlasting hope, peace and joy.


Read your Bible regularly, speak with God daily and seek His wisdom strength and direction for your life. Yours is a wonderful testimony. Don’t hesitate to share with others what Christ has done for you. In doing so Christ can work through you to reach others so that they, too, can experience the same great joy that you have found in Jesus.


- Mark Shutts

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