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Designed To Help Believers Reach Others For Christ.

Fished All Night And
Not A Bite

Uses the great fishing story of the Bible to demonstrate how, when we follow Christ's instructions, we discover joy and life everlasting. 25 per pack. FREE.

The Greatest Question Ever Asked

Do you know if you are going to Heaven? The Bible says that you can be absolutely certain of your salvation. 25 per pack. FREE.

If You Died Tonight

Addresses what we must do in order to be prepared for the moment of death. 25 per pack. FREE.

God's Message To You

This 8 page mini tract discusses the importance of knowing God's message for our life. 25 per pack. FREE.

Using these Mark Shutts Ministries tracts:



When you share Christ using a tract, be sure the person with whom you’re sharing is able to see the pages. Sit or stand beside the person, not across from them. Go slowly. Give the person time to process the information before moving to the next page. 


Go through the tract at a pace that’s comfortable for you and the person with whom you’re sharing. Be alert to the person’s interest and involvement. If you feel you’re losing his or her attention, speed up your presentation. If you are comfortable that the person is interested, stop every few pages and ask, “Does that make sense to you?” or “Do you have any questions about what we’ve gone over?” If the person has questions, answer as best you can, using examples from your own testimony whenever possible. Don’t be afraid to say, “That’s something I don’t know, but I’ll be glad to find out and get back with you. For now, let’s continue reading this little booklet.”  


When you reach the portion of the tract where the person is asked to make a commitment, encourage him or her not to hesitate. But remember that you cannot make the decision for someone else. The Holy Spirit must bring conviction of sin and must draw the person to Him. If you feel the Holy Spirit leading, ask: “Would you like to ask Jesus to save you now?” or  “Do you feel God leading you to accept His gift of salvation?” If the person hesitates, ask, “What’s keeping you from making this decision?”  Deal with questions or concerns as best you can. But remember: Your responsibility is to sow the seed. God will bring the harvest when He’s ready. If you press too hard, you may alienate the person you’re attempting to win to Christ and make them harder for someone else to reach.  


If you are privileged to pray with the person to receive Christ, use the concepts in the tract as a guide, but pray from your heart. Remember that the person must acknowledge that he or she has sinned and that only Jesus can provide salvation. The person must ask for the gift of eternal life and confess Jesus as Lord.  At that moment, the prayer becomes a praise as you both thank God for this new member of His family.


Immediate Follow Up:


Accepting Jesus as Savior is only the beginning for the new Christian. Evangelism and discipleship go hand-in-hand. Spend time helping the new believer begin to grow spiritually. If you lead a stranger to the Lord during a brief encounter, ask for the person’s name so you can pray for them. (then be sure to pray!) If the new Christian is someone who lives near you, make a commitment to spend time helping that person to grow spiritually. Don’t miss the responsibility and privilege of participating in a new believer’s growth. Be sure everyone you lead to the Lord understands the importance of reading the Bible daily. Make sure every new believer has a Bible. The Gospel of John is a good place to encourage the believer to begin reading. Make certain also that they understand the importance of Praying daily. Help the new believer understand that prayer doesn’t require a special language or posture or any special words or phrases. It’s simply talking with God.  


Be familiar enough with the Scriptures to be able to accurately and coherently present the gospel to others. “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15). Always being prepared means diligent Bible study, memorizing Scripture, and praying for God-given opportunities to share with those whose hearts have been prepared by the Lord to hear His message of salvation.

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