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Medical experts tell us that not only does it break down our resistance to disease but it actually “causes” disease, in the nervous system, in the digestive system, and especially in the heart. It is “worry,” and yes, a person CAN actually “worry themselves to death.”

With the tentacles of covid having attached themselves to every aspect of peoples lives, we have become a planet wrapped in a blanket of worry. Many Christians are themselves huddled together under that same blanket of fear and worry. This fact speaks very poorly of the validity of of our faith. Worry is an enemy that serves only as a wedge between us and our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is impossible for any Christian to wring their hands in worry and roll up their sleeves to serve Christ at the same time. Elijah is a good example. God had earlier delivered Elijah at Mt. Caramel from the prophets of Baal who had out-numbered him by an incredible four hundred and fifty to one. Elijah’s trust in God had not wavered one bit. It is therefore quite odd that just a short time later we find Elijah some one hundred miles away cowering and hiding under a juniper tree. Worry and fear had taken such a firm hold on Elijah that he actually allowed his worry and fear to carry him “away” from God. But Why? What had happened to bring about this abrupt change? Well, after Elijah’s victory over the prophets of Baal, the wicked queen Jezebel had threatened to kill him within 24 hours. How strange that this man who just a short time ago had been an absolute GIANT for God now sits under a juniper tree in such a state of panic, so overcome with worry and fear that he actually asks God to take his life. Elijah had allowed his faith to give way to “worry,” and what worry does is that it begets a loss of trust in God. Elijah had allowed himself to be taken down by the destructive power of “worry.” The word worry means to “strangle” or “choke out” which is precisely what it had done to Elijah’s trust and confidence in God. It will do the same to you and me if we let it. 


As we see from the example of Elijah, worry completely frustrates our functioning for God. Elijah had cast aside his confidence in God and instead picked up “worry” to carry with him in its place. In His Sermon on the Mount Jesus directly addressed the subject of worry. He posed the question, “Which of you by taking thought (worrying) can add one cubit unto his stature?” (Matthew 6:27). The truth of it all is that the millstone of worry crushes and grinds the seed of faith into a powder that is blown away by the winds of self-reliance. It is the exact opposite of trusting God. Scripture clearly tells us that we are to turn all of our worries and cares over to Jesus (I Peter 5:7) and He will then give us rest from those worries and cares (Matthew 11:28)


Further, worry is a wall that keeps us from escaping any sorrows that tomorrow might bring while at the same time taking away the joys of today. Never must we find ourselves hiding under the juniper tree of worry. Why? Because the beginning of worry is the end of faith, while the beginning of true faith is the end of worry.


God bless you,
Mark Shutts

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