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A visual representation of the heavens for a specific moment in time in order to interpret the inherent meaning underlying the alignment of the planets at that particular moment. The placement of the planets at any given moment in time reflecting the nature of that moment and especially anything that is born in that moment by using the computation of the degree of the Eastern horizon rising against the backdrop of the ecliptic at the specific moment under examination known as the ascendant.....Wow!.... Can you guess what it is? You would immediately recognize that conglomeration of cryptic sentences by its more common three word name.…”Your daily horoscope!” Let me make very clear at the outset that so-called “horoscopes” are a heterogeneous collection of occult practices that the Bible calls “wicked,” and it is an intolerable affront to the Lord Jesus.


Through the prophet Jeremiah, God warned the remnant of Israel to refrain from following and copying “the ways of the heathen.” He was referring to “astrology.” He told them to leave it to Heathens; because such wickedness does not become God's people. The Bible says “there shall not be any among you” (meaning that God strictly forbids) the using of astrology (horoscopes) as well as the use of other occult practices such as “divination, charms, fortune-tellers, enchanters, wizards, witches and necromancers (Deuteronomy 18: 9-12). (See also Leviticus 19:31).


In the book of Leviticus (Leviticus 20:6) God says of those who follow such idolatrous occult practices that He will “set His face against that soul.” To follow a horoscope or to have his or her fortune told to find out which days are “lucky” and which days are “unlucky” is a very serious discredit to the Christian and an intolerable disgrace to the Name of God.


We are forewarned in the New Testament that “in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1). The entire occult realm that is so prevalent in our world today began with astrology, which then begat satanism and witchcraft. There are more than 10,000 practicing astrologers in the United States and Americans spend more than $200 million annually consulting those astrologers.


Astrology promises to reveal your “potential” in this lifetime and also where you are in that journey as well as making it possible for you to gain insights about your future such as advances in your career and your romantic life. Astrologists hail horoscopes as a "forecasting tool to help you prepare for life." Many even offer a “blueprint of your life” in which they will tell you your future for one year in advance. Further, it is said that 2,000 campuses throughout the country have a computer network that provides horoscopes to students 24 hours a day.


Understand that no one, absolutely no one knows the future but the Father only. Those who know the Father in a real and personal way walk daily with Him “in faith” which denotes trust. Trust for today and trust for all of our tomorrows. Turning to the idolatry of horoscopes and astrology is a clear indication that the person has failed to truly turn their heart over completely to Jesus Christ. That person is sorely lacking in faith and does not trust God to keep His promises. Isn’t God’s Word good enough for you? It is for me. Jesus tells us not to worry about our future because He Alone is in charge of it. “Without Faith,” the Bible says, “it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6). Turn from the “horoscopes” and turn to God. He IS your future, and it could not be in better hands. So trust Him to handle it.


God bless you.

Mark Shutts

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