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I happened to stumble upon one day

While walking in the woods

An old barn, standing all alone

Sad looking, there it stood

There was nothing else around it

No yard, no fence, no home

And each time the wind blew by

I could hear the old barn moan

Upon its aged, sagging roof

There were morning glory vines

Between two rotted twisted beams

There grew a single pine

Boards had fallen and there were holes

Where windows used to be

I thought I'd take a look inside

To see what I could see

There sat a carriage, a family carriage

Dust covered from the years

Gold fringe, leathers seats and driving lamps

I could not but draw near

Under one seat an old-fashioned trunk

I slowly raised up the lid

It squeaked as I raised it higher and found

That something in there was hid

I brought it out and up to my face

Then blew off some of the grime

On its leather cover was etched "Holy Bible"

It had been in there for some time

I opened the cover and inside I read

"This Bible is presented to

Pastor Billings of Wilderness Chapel

In the year nineteen hundred and two"

Well, that Bible has not lost its use

It is now used daily in my home

As for the carriage, my father is driving it

And I'm in back, writing this poem

Copyright: 1984 Mark Shutts

All rights reserved.

May not be reproduced

or used in any manner

without express written permission

from Mark Shutts Ministries.


I had a dream the other night

It caused my heart to smile

I was alone, inside a church

Standing in the aisle

When an indescribable feeling

Suddenly came over me

Music from the piano started playing

As I turned around to see

That a man quite tall and slender

Was playing the music I heard

Music had never been played so sweet

At least, not in this world

It seemed he knew each thought that I had

And as well, I knew each of his

I thought, "What a Heavenly feeling is here"

A thought came back, "Yes son, there is

Finally, he spoke and called me by name

"Mark, step into the choir loft"

It seemed that I was walking on clouds

Each step was amazingly soft

As I passed by him to take my place

His eyes looked straight at me

Though he was playing such Heavenly music

His fingers were not touching the keys

I stepped up and stood by a chair

He arose and stood by my side

Took my hand and put in in his


We arose together to the top of the church

And how the sweet music did play

A thousand angels had struck up a band

Surely, Jesus was well on His way

A choir of angels began to sing

The piano player still held my hand

As I looked upon the angels of God

His choir, His children, His band

The music danced

From the touch of God's Hand

And the angels sang so divine

As again this man looked straight in my eyes

His hand slowly slipping from mine

Then the music faded, the Heavens opened

The angels arose to the sky

And I awoke with a smile on my face

And a tear of joy in each eye

Copyright 1984 Mark Shutts

All rights reserved.

May not be reproduced

or used in any manner

without express written permission

from Mark Shutts Mainistries.

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