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Answers to children's questions about God and Heaven


Will my dog be in Heaven with me? I really love him.


                                                                The Bible tells us clearly that there are going to be all sorts of animals in heaven.                                                                Animals are an important part of God’s creation. When God created the first humans                                                              (Adam and Eve), He put animals in the garden with them to keep them company.                                                                  God made animals to be our friends and you have clearly become very attached to                                                                  your pet. He means a lot to you. You love him and he loves you. To answer your                                                                    question I believe that, yes, our pets will be with us in heaven. The Bible tells us                                                                    that everyone who accepts Jesus as their Saviour will go to Heaven and they will                                                                    have all of God’s creation with them (this includes animals) and everything will be                                                                  incorruptible, which means that nothing can ever die, not even your dog, he will be                                                                with you forever. Heaven is going to be very exciting and it is something to look                                                                      forward to. Have you ever tried to imagine what it would be like to ride on the back of a lion? Or play with a furry polar bear? Someday, you will be able to do that because the Bible says that we will be friends with all the animals in Heaven. Even more exciting however is that we will get to meet Jesus face to face and we will be able to talk with Him. You know about Heaven and you know about Jesus, but do you know just how much He loves you? Have you asked Him to come and live in your heart. Jesus loves you more than anything. In fact, He wants to be your very best friend and no one can ever have a better friend than Jesus. You may not understand it all right now and if you need help just tell your mom and dad how you want to let Jesus know that you love Him and that you want to ask Him to live in your heart and always be with you. Your parents will help you to do that and it will make them very happy.




Will people laugh in Heaven? I think it's fun to laugh.


                                                              Yes. We will most certainly laugh in Heaven. The Bible promises us that there will be                                                                 no tears or sadness in Heaven. It also tells us that Heaven is a place that will be                                                                     full of joy and fun. Do you think God ever laughs? I think He does because the

                                                                Bible says that you and I were both made in God's image, and since God is the                                                                      One Who gives us all of our happiness then we can be certain that there will be lots

                                                             of laughing in Heaven. Sometimes you and I feel said in this life, but in Heaven there                                                                 will never be anything to be sad about. We will be happy all the time. 




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