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In his farewell message to the Philippians, Paul said “Unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to SUFFER for His sake” (Philippians 1:29). Adoniram Judson, the renowned missionary to Burma, endured tremendous hardships and sufferings for seven long years while trying to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. He was thrown into Ava Prison where he was subjected to horrendous mistreatment. As a result, for the rest of his life he carried with him the ugly marks and scars which were made by the chains and iron shackles that had been used to keep him tied down 24 hours a day. When he was eventually released from Ava Prison Mr. Judson, showing tremendous courage, went to the very man who had thrown him into prison (a godless ruler) and asked to be permitted to resume his preaching in a different province. His request was very angrily denied by the ruler of that particular province who said to Mr. Judson, “I am not afraid of your words, but I do fear that my people would be impressed by your scars and therefore turn to your Jesus. Your request is denied”


My question for each of you tonight is this - What scars, if any, does your life bear as the result of living for Christ and standing against the world? When the secular world looks at you does it see anything at all that would be considered “the marks of a Christian?” Does the world see anything at all about you to indicate that you have taken up your Cross to follow Christ?


God bless you,

Mark Shutts

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