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If the precious few pulpits that remain true to an unadulterated un-prostituted Gospel dare use the words “sinner” or “hell”, and if that pulpit speaks against the sins of homosexuality or the absolute monstrosity of abortion, or if it speaks against the evil and wickedness of the so-called “peaceful” religion of Muslim/Islam, then the world considers that pulpit ‘guilty’ of a hate-crime. And so the order of the day is “TOLERANCE.” It is the specific demand of the LGBT community, atheists, abortionists, muslim/islamists etc. These all label a genuine God-fearing man behind the pulpit as a bigot and thus they demand that he be permanently silenced. All of this - remember - is in the name of tolerance! Tolerance for everyone and everything EXCEPT Christianity and the ONE TRUE GOD! I ask you, "where is THEIR tolerance for the Cross? Where is THEIR tolerance for the Bible? Where is THEIR tolerance for public prayer and the preaching of the Genuine Gospel of Jesus Christ?" For them, tolerance is a one way street. They are quick and ever so consistent in invoking the word 'tolerance' just as long as it does not apply to them. So when they say that all they want is tolerance what they really mean is “Things must be done OUR way and OUR demands must be met to the fullest and if you do not agree then we will call you all sorts of names, we will vilify you, we will bully you, and we will be intolerant of you.” Let it be known that such is the supreme example of deceit, deception, and dishonesty at its apex. Otherwise known as HYPOCRISY!


I encourage all preachers and Christians - STAY STRONG - STAY COURAGEOUS - STAY TRUE TO THE WORD OF GOD! - STAY TRUE TO THE CROSS! The battle continues until Gabriel blows his trumpet, and then, we will enter into our rest. Until then - FIGHT ON!


God bless you,
Mark Shutts

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